Fully flexible week, weekend or short breaks

It couldn't be simpler. You choose what dates and times you travel, and from where, and we organise the rest...

Step 1:

Simply give us a call to check availability; we will then hold an option for your choice of accommodation and dates for an agreed time (no payment required).

Step 2:

Go ahead and book your flights.

Step 3:

Call us back to confirm your holiday reservation (payment required).


Our Airport Transfers

St Gervais -  We offer airport transfers to and from Geneva airport, free on Saturdays to if your flight arrives before 14.30, and departs the following Saturday after 12.30.  On other days of the week a charge of £30* per person each way is payable.


Transfer Times: Geneva airport 1hr


Valmeinier 1800 - We can arrange transfers to and from various airports:


  • CHAMBERY, the nearest airport, is only 1hour 30min transfer time to the hotel.  We recommend Jet 2 who fly directly to Chambery from several UK airports.  We can arrange shared transfers AM and PM to suit all the various flight arrival times at a cost of £15 per person each way on Saturdays.


  • GENEVA – we can arrange shared transfers to and from Geneva on Saturdays.   Your flight should arrive before 14.30 and depart the following Saturday after 12.30.  Cost is £35 per person each way.  Private transfers* also available subject to timings below.


  • LYON, GRENOBLE – these may be private or shared transfers.  Private transfers* also available subject to timings below.


Transfer Times: Geneva airport: 2hrs 50min, Lyon airport: 2hrs 50min, Grenoble airport: 2hrs 40min, Chambery airport: 2hrs, Turin: 2hrs.


** Please ring 01727 866177 to check we can offer your transfer before booking your flights.


*PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the current French 1m distancing rule and the number of passengers allowed in a vehicle there may be an added cost incurred for these transfers.


Car Hire

With prices starting from only £25 per day, we have teamed up with Auto Europe, an experienced and reliable car hire specialist dedicated to finding you the cheapest price and requirements to suit your needs.


Please CLICK HERE to visit Auto Europe for the best prices and to book.

To also help you find your way to our hotels from the airports we have put together detailed
driving instructions, to make your journey even smoother.

Alternative Airport Transfers


We can also provide you with information on local train and bus companies to help you arrange your own transfer.

St Gervais Transfer Options:

  • Train or local bus to St Gervais Les Bains station, then just a short 5-minute walk to the Hotel Terminus.

Valmeinier 1800 Transfer Options:

  • Train or local bus to St Michel de Maurienne station, then take the local bus or taxi service for the short 25-minute journey to the Hotel L'Aigle (daytime only).